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April     21

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Stilettos on the Pavement, (SOTP) is a healthy effective way of building mutually beneficial professional relationships among women. SOTP is dedicated to uniting the skills, tools and other resources of women that builds confidence and improves the economic security for all women. Allowing women to come as they are with open minds to see how much we truly have in common.

Our mission is accomplished through interactive activities, dynamic-approachable speakers, "What IF" conferences and both live and virtual experiences. 

​​​​​​​We are absolutely thrilled to announce Stilettos on the Pavement's partnership with Jus-So All Inclusive Events.  
We look forward to stepping back into Georgia on Saturday, April 21, 2018. 

Space for 10 exhibitor tables are available on a first come basis call 404.915.8626 then using PayPal via email . 


​​​​​​​We are absolutely thrilled to announce Stilettos on the Pavement's partnership with Jus-So All Inclusive Events.  

Join us in Douglasville, Georgia for our next Stilettos on the Pavement Experience on Saturday, April 21 at 11 a.m..

A morning purposely designed with interactive activities, a mouth watering brunch, endless mimosas and dynamic-engaging speakers.

Tickets are available by clicking the orange link below. Contact Tameka 404.915.8626 for exhibitor opportunities or for general information. To become a partner you may email Tameka via 

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing with others. 

​​​​Stilettos On The Pavement, (SOTP) was birthed by Tameka Garrett in 2014. SOTP is a new way of networking for the total woman, An experience that effectively builds mutually beneficial professional relationships among women. 

Thank you to everyone for your support, sharing of the website and social media and for your attendance. The SOTP experience was purposefully designed for professional and business women in any male dominated industry. Each experience is purposefully limited to "50" women at secret locations in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.  

We are stepping back into Georgia on Saturday, April 21, 2018 and have partnered with Janice, owner of Jus-So Catering. We are planning a morning of interactive activities, a mouth watering brunch with endless mimosas and two Guest Empowerment Speakers.

Flats on the Pavement, (FOTP) is dedicated to strengthening self-esteem, character, integrity and the importance of community engagement for women ages 18- 25. Our experiences educates on the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships.

We are extremely excited about our blessing that Tougaloo College has partnered with us. The first experience took place in October 2017. You do not have to attend the college to participate. #FOTP

Our ambassadors are Kennedi Henry and Carmen Neal. We are currently in need of a few more. We can not achieve this without their input, support and expertise.Things sure have changed over the years and more changes are on the horizon.

Ladies, take a deep breath, mute your cellphones and all electric devices and enjoy a space filled with positive women coming together to PRAISE our higher beings, support, and elevate one another. SOTP is a new way of effectively building mutually beneficial professional relationships among women. 

These experiences take place in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Once a year in the month of August we host our "What IF" Women's POWER Conference in Jackson, MS allowing more than fifty women to attend. As a result, allowing women to express themselves with self-confidence and in turn encourage other women to become self-confident. 

Our primary focus becoming HEALTHY from the inside.  Only then are you able to SUPPORT someone else. We pray you will join us in a city near you.  

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Know that he is an ON TIME GOD!!! (No matter what you call him, just call him and keep the FAITH.) 



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