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‚Äč"What IF" Women's POWER Experience  

Our their third annual "What IF" Women's POWER Experience was an emotional blessing to many men and women. We will soon post picture and personal testimonies of the experience.  

This self discovery among women was designed to be a springboard to purposeful action with positive benefits of being surrounded and embraced by encouraging energy. To begin to recognize and embrace one's own POWER. You Do NOT want to miss this. 

Opening remarks were provided by Pastor Terri Moore, Pastor of Freedom Ministries International Church in Jackson, MS. 
Carol Dixon-Garnett of Lexington, MS set the atmosphere with a morning prayer and Rhonda O. Cummings, CEO of Synergy Management Solutions was the keynote speaker.  

Additional "POWER Presenters" were:
* Maya Avery, The LuckiLove Experience and Houston, Texas TV talk show, The Seat. 
* Pamela Confer, Speak BIG!  Concept.
*Felix Anderson, The Executive Concierges.

By applying techniques discussed by this year's speakers and through interactive activities our goal is to provide women a healthy venue to network and foster relationships that empower and promote positive change among women from all walks of life. 

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Supporters & Partners

Thank you to those who supported and contributed to this year's successful "What IF?"

We invite you to become a proud partner for our future experiences and events.

Flats on the Pavement, designed for young women ages 18 -25 will take place in September.

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