​​​​​God has taking us into new territories including opening an office in East Point, GA. Ladies, thank you again for spreading the exciting news that women CAN and DO work together. We understand that there is enough Blessings and Business for all of us.

Check the dates below to see the locations and experiences that are taking place this year. We pray you will join us. If you are interested in becoming a partner and/or a sponsor please contact us. ​        

​12/17/16  SWOTP Experience

2017 To Be Announced

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Introducing Stilettos & Wingtips Experience on Saturday, December 17 in Jackson, MS. Tickets sold in advance only. Visit https://stilettosandwingtips.eventbrite.com.

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing with others. #SWOTP


"Stilettos On The Pavement"

A New Way of Networking

Dec 17

Upcoming Experiences

AFG- Another Family Gathering, LLC is pleased to introduce the Stilettos On The Pavement (SOTP) experience. Thank you to everyone for your support, sharing of the website and social media and for your attendance. The SOTP experience was purposefully designed for professional and business women in Politics, Ministry, Radio and TV and Healthcare.  Seating is limited to "50" women at secret locations in Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, and Louisiana. 

Our first Stilettos & Wingtips on the Pavement (for men and women) will take place on Saturday, December 17 at 10 am until 2 pm. Our location is the Next Level Experience, 3645 U S 80 West, Jackson, MS 39209 (Above the Jackson Police Department.) Tickets are sold in advance only through https://stilettosandwingtips.eventbrite.com.

Flats on the Pavement, (FOTP) was created for women ages 18- 25. We will soon be on both Jackson State University and Tougaloo College campuses. Their first  experience will take place January 2017.

This is inform and educate them on building and maintaining business relationships, becoming an entrepreneurial, how to support one another through their challenges and to expand their minds to think outside of the state they live in.  

Our ambassadors are Carmen and India in Jackson, Kennedi in Georgia and DeZire in California. We can not achieve this without their input, support and expertise of being in college in the year of 2016. Things sure have changed over the years and more changes are on the horizon.

Take a deep breath, mute your cellphones and all electric devices and enjoy a space filled with positive women coming together to PRAISE our higher beings, support, EMPOWER, and elevate one another to higher levels in achieving their ambitions. Based on what her ambitions are, not our own. SOTP is a new way of effectively NETWORKING. These experiences take place in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. 


This experience is geared to expand networks, explore partnerships/relationships, and engage with other women business leaders. As a result, allowing women to express themselves with self-confidence and in turn encourage other women to become self-confident. 

It is critical for women to demonstrate that we have the power and confidence to choose and define ourselves. It is imperative for us to begin to highlight our successes with one another and show our young aspiring women that they define success. It is past time we become comfortable with being "OUTFRONT" in business not matter the industry.


Our primary focus this year is being HEALTHY and EMPOWERED. We pray you will support us in our radio broadcast efforts in GA and MS.

By beginning to share our resources, contacts, tools and time with one another, All Women WIN. #SOTP #FOTP #WhatIF2017 #Empowerment #SWOTP #PartnershipsDOWork 

Know That he is an ON TIME GOD!!! (No matter what you call him, just call him and keep the FAITH.)

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​Another Family Gathering, LLC (AFG), is an event planning and consulting  company. Our offices are located in both Jackson, MS and East Point, GA.  We promote collaborations with "For Profit" and "Not For Profit" businesses.  We create unique, quality events within any proposed budget.  Whether it's a seminar, fundraiser, corporate event, wedding, conference, summit or destination getaway.  

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